Unclothed Soul

Unclothed of the Trappings of Society

I Am Free

I stand upon this mountaintop, stripped of all the layers of self, stripped of any defenses or pretenses – the very depths of my soul unclothed for all the world to see.

My face cannot be seen. My name, profession, style of clothing, income level and education are all unknown. The car that I drive and the home that I dwell in will not appear here. These things that are not me – these empty trappings of society – are all a mystery.

It is not these layers of masks and weights that define the depths of the true me. In fact, these are the chains that hold me in captivity. They restrict the expressions of the song of my heart, leaving my words bound in these silent confines.

I come here now to dance in the splendor and freedom of my unclothed soul. My dance of joy, of pain, of strength,  of fragility – whatever it may be.

It may be that no others will ever venture this way and that is perfectly okay. But if you should arrive here, I humbly extend my hand to you and invite you to join me for a moment in this dance – freed of the trappings of society.

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